Video Seminars

Learn the basic structure of proper estate and medical planning without costing you an arm and a leg. Attorney Thom from Rants of a Mad Attorney explores these topics in a very entertaining and easy to understand manner. The topics explored include the 4 basic instruments of Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Surrogate. He also explains the often misunderstood concept of Probate and the unnecessary cost, time and expense.

This informational seminar explores the necessary medical related instruments and planning that each person should have in place. Attorney Thom from Rants of a Mad Attorney explains in great detail the type and use of Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Healthcare Surrogates. This informative yet engaging seminar also illustrates the consequence of not having the proper medical planning instruments in effect.

Attorney Thom from Rants of Mad Attorney takes you on a entertaining adventure in understanding Wills and Trusts and how to avoid the dreaded Probate. This seminar explains in easily understandable terms, how estate planning works, what issues to consider, how to save your family time and money, all in a confidential manner. You will learn the basics of Trusts and how these instruments can be used both during your lifetime and after your death. A must see for anyone considering estate planning.

This seminar lifts the covers off the secret and misunderstood world of asset protection. Attorney Thom from Rants of a Mad Attorney helps you understand simple yet effective techniques to structure and protect your assets from unsavory creditors and lawsuits. He explores how you can “do it yourself” in many aspects but also what special entities and techniques can be used in both your personal and business life to keep what’s yours safe from creditors. Learn how you can use Limited Liability Companies, C Corporations, Family Limited Partnerships and Land Trusts effectively and cost effectively.